If ever there's a will there's a way
and if you fear that your cards have been laid
there are no more words more clearly understood
than away bird, away, away.....

If you ever want to be a lover to me,
if you think you can withstand my fate...
cause I'm dragging some tree that had fallen for me,
and still I'm pulled down by its weight....

and if you ever have a need to address
all these issues which rise to a head..
just look on back at all you've learned,
all that you've loved, and all you've spurned,
but don't be afraid.... don't be afraid.....

if ever you've a need to be heard,
above all of this clamoring and clattering affray
I just hold my head high, and with a blood curdling cry, I sing whip crack away, whip crack away!


released April 11, 2011



all rights reserved


animateddog / Nathaniel Robin Mann London, UK

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